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A research driven organization, Vijay seeds Co. Ltd. is a pioneer & dynamic agriculture company delivering high quality seeds to the Indian Market. With products ranging from hybrid vegetable seeds, field crops, fiber crops and oil seeds, we command significant market share in Indian commercial seed market. Not only seeds we also help the farmers by giving them technical guidance on seed plantation, irrigation, and soil nutrients during the sowing process.
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Onion Seeds - Onions are Cool-Season, biennial Plant but they are grown commercially as annual crop….
Maize Seeds - Maize or corn is a widely known plant used for many purpose. First agricultural operation required for corn production is pre-winter ploughing
Bajra Seeds - India is the largest producer of Bajra. It is often ground into a flour, rolled into large balls, parboiled, liquefied into a watery paste using fermented milk and then consumed as
Chilli Seeds - It can be germinated much as any other seed. In order to give the seeds a bit of a helping hand to germinate you can place the seeds in between two sheets ….
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